Our vineyards

Our vineyards in places called Franze, Frandina, Zonaro, Vallo, Corbo, Santa Venere, Corsaro, and Valle Romolo all fall within the municipality of Cirò.

The environmental conditions of cultivation of our vineyards are the traditional ones of the area, the most suitable for giving to the wines the necessary chemical-physical and qualitative characteristics. The planting layouts, the training systems and the pruning systems of our vineyards are those traditionally used in our territory. In the vineyard, there is no forcing.

The maximum grape yield for the production of our Cirò D.O.C. red, rosé and white is the one required by the strict D.O.C. disciplinary regulations.
The grapes destined for vinification ensure a minimum natural alcoholic strength by volume of 14 degrees for Cirò red wines and 13 degrees for Cirò white and rosé.