Cirò wine is the business card with which Calabria presents itself in Italy and allover the world: emblem of a culture, of a territory and of our family.

The history of Cirò wine is traced back to the golden period of Magna Graecia when the Greek colonists landed on the Ionian coasts of Calabria to found their póleis. In this territory, which corresponds to the ancient city of Krimisa, they introduced a vine with compact clusters and with an intense purplish-red colour: the Gaglioppo.

Gaglioppo and Greco bianco are the two native vines from which the Cirò D.O.C. red, rosé and white wine originates.


It is in this area, in the gentle clayish hills between the Ionian coast and the Sila mountains, that we have been producing Cirò wine since 1850. It was my great-great-grandfather Giuseppe Santoro, whose name I bear, who, after returning from America, began to cultivate the land that today forms the heart of the Santoro family estate: 40 hectares of total area, of which 20 are planted with vines.

Five generations of winemakers who have followed one another, handing down knowledge and passion. Five generations who have left their wise and passionate footprints in the vineyards and in the care of the territory. The result is an authentic and sublime wine, the result of minimal interventions in the vineyard.

The autochthonous vines Gaglioppo and Greco bianco are the result of a very long acclimation to the arid and clayey soils of our hills and require very little support. Our task is to indulge and support nature by providing oxygen and organic nutrients to the soils to strengthen them and to give them structure. The whole production process is carried out following organic regulations. The result is in a glass of authentic wine rich in unique bouquet.

Our Cirò is guaranteed by the Consortium for the Protection of D.O.C. Cirò and Melissa of which we are partners. We are also members of the young association of the Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers which proposes and promotes a sustainable and rational economic organization of wine.

Giuseppe Santoro


Our family’s adventure in the world of Cirò wine begins with my great-great-grandfather, Giuseppe, who, returning from America, began to cultivate the land that today forms the heart of the estate.


My father Gino, at the age of 12, follows in his father’s footsteps in managing the vineyard.


This year marks the company’s transition from a family dimension to a small business that produces wine for sale on the local market.


The desire to learn and the university period give me the desire for a more modern and independent company. This is how the dream of a winery within our vineyards comes true.


We produce the first line of 5 labels which, in 2021, was followed by a second line of 3 new labels.

We ship worldwide

Whether it is a private customer or a company in the catering sector, we always take the utmost care in getting our Cirò wine to its destination.

Within the Calabria region we deliver with our own vehicles. To the rest of Italy and abroad, we use shipping agencies. The bottles have safe and sustainable packaging because we care about the environment and the well-being of our planet.